Beigel Envelope Controlled Filter 1981 article from the Modern Recording & Music magazine.
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Software Risk Engineering by Barry Blesser and Derek Pilkington, April 2000.
The Stomping Ground: Musitronics, Mu-Tron, and the Gizmotron by Chris Gill. Reprinted from Vintage Guitar Magazine September 1997, Volume 11 Number 12.
The Envelope Controlled Filter   1980 article (reprinted with permission from MIX Magazine) by Mike Beigel and Elliott Randall describing the musical uses of ECFs, in Randall's very musical web site.
More Then You Ever Wanted to Know About Phasors article (originally published by Musician's Guide) by Mike Beigel and Fred Ridder describing the musical uses of phase shifters in great detail.
Instrument Controlled Synthesizers  by Michael L. Beigel.  Reprinted from Sound Arts Journal. Parts 1 and 2, September and November 1980, Volumes 3, Numbers 9 and 10.
Digital Phase Shifting  by Michael L. Beigel.  Presented at the 61st Convention for the Audio Engineering Society.
Accurate, Real-Time Localization of Subminiature Inductive Transponders: Tumor Localization as an Example  by Mike Beigel and John McGary. Published in IDTechEX journal as well as presented at the ECCTD conference in 2005. Now available publicly.
Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?  by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter. How we experience space by listening: the concepts on aural architecture, with examples ranging from Gothic cathedrals to surround sound home theatre. Published December 2006 by MIT Press.
Exception Management for RFID Systems  by Michael L. Beigel, Samuel Marcus and Grant Ballard (PRBO). Published in IDTechEx's Smart Labels Analyst January 2004.
Dynamic Performance of Inductive RFID Systems  by Michael L. Beigel. Presented at the European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design.  Stresa, Italy.  August 30, 1999
Dynamic Performance of Inductive RFID Systems, Addendum for Fisheries Applications by Michael L. Beigel. Presented at the PIT Tag Workshop 2000. Presented on January 12, 2000 for the National Marine Fisheries.
Objective Measurements for RF-ID System Performance: System Design and Evaluation Criteria  by Michael L. Beigel.  Presented at the National Marine Fisheries Conference, January 1993.  RF-ID Systems Abstract.
The Penguin Project   A history of implantable RFID systems development, culminating in an Antarctic Penguin monitoring system. M. Beigel 1997
A passive integrated transponder system for tracking animal movements William I Boarman, Michael L. Beigel, Glenn C. Goodlett, and Marc Sazaki. Reprinted from Wildlife Society Bulletin Volume 26, Number 4, Winter 1998.

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