Original Mu-Tron III Vintage 1972s Design by Mike Beigel, Musitronics

Mike Beigel Product for Rental Inc. Eclipment.

How to rent

1). Check out by paypal account paid for rent
2). Email to mike@beigeltech.com or info@beigeltech.com for detail your rent.
3). item will process for shipping next business day.
4). after receipt item next two business day then one week process ship back to us at this address: Mike Beigel 308 via julita, Encinitas, CA 92024
5). If you need rent more then one week please make payment to paypal account : "mike@beigeltech.com" or send check to ship back address same number (4).
6). Late return extra charge  per day.
7).if damage on item lost or broken cost for refund is $900 - $3000 for some item please contact : mike@beigeltech.com email or call +1 760-6333868 Monday - Saturday 10:00AM - 7:00 PM.
8). Long term rental contact email for discount due.

Mu_Tron III

$ 350 USD

One Week Rental Inc. TAX and Shipping USPS Priority Mail.


$ 210 USD

Rental one week Inc. TAX and USPS Priority mail.